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Good news, Michigan. Our social distancing is on point. Here’s how we compare to the rest of the country. 

MICHIGAN — Wondering if this social distancing is paying off? Don’t worry, Michiganders, you’re doing just as you’re supposed to. 

That’s according to a new study rating how each state is handling the task of flattening the curve. 

Uncast developed a “social distancing scoreboard” and gave Michiganders a solid A rating for their determination to enforce social distancing. 

Comparatively, the country as a whole got a ‘B.’

The scores were developed using “human mobility data,” essentially looking at traveled distance for each state, assuming people who are staying home aren’t traveling, and therefore are practicing social distancing. (Read more about methodology here.)

The top-rated counties were the folks in Luce, Livingston, Oakland, Kalamazoo and Ingham.  Each of these communities saw a 50 percent or more drop in distance traveled. Well done. 

Wayne County also got an “A” grade, with a 44 percent drop in travel. That’s where the coronavirus is hitting Michigan the hardest, with more than 1,000 cases alone in Wayne County and another 705 cases in Detroit alone (state officials count Detroit separately from Wayne County). 

Part of the reason Michigan’s social distancing is a success comes from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s response, first limiting crowds and then issuing her “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order.  

Social distancing and staying home are some of the best tools during a pandemic to help to make sure the hospital system isn’t overwhelmed, health experts say. 

Take a look at the full study here.