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Community storytelling. National impact. 

Welcome to The ‘Gander, a place to learn, connect, and celebrate our unique identity as Michiganders. We’re just getting started, but in the coming weeks, you can expect photos, videos, podcasts and more. 

As a lifelong Michigander, my passion is to tell stories that binds people together and strengthen our communities. And that’s just what we’ll be doing here at The ‘Gander.

The ‘Gander is made up of Michigan journalists and storytellers of all kinds who provide thoughtful, relevant local news in compelling ways. The ‘Gander provides your daily digest of need-to-know information and digs into trending topics with critical context, like local impact. 

We are a team of storytellers who you’ll get to know as the weeks unfold, who you’ll meet and greet out in the community as we craft our work, and who will prove what empowering storytelling can do for a state. 

While we are building on the shoulders of incredible Michigan news outlets and reporters, we aim to breathe new life into reporting in Michigan.

What to expect at The Gander 

We’re here to provide a place for Michigan stories that don’t often get told.

We report on the ideas, leaders, and policies working to make Michigan a better place for all of us. Our reporters ask critical questions about how our current state of social and political affairs in Michigan can be even better. We will have conversations on how to energize and empower each and every Michigander to make their voice heard in our political process because that’s at the foundation of how storytelling can create change.

We are extremely proud to call Michigan our home, and we plan to do the reporting necessary to ensure that it continues to be just that for our children and future Michiganders to come.

So what does that look like?

We’ll follow the successes and trials of progressive thought leaders in Michigan and how their policies are shaping our daily lives. Their stories will demonstrate the needs we as Michiganders have and the solutions local leaders are offering up- or failing to offer at all.

We’ll learn about how rising leaders in Michigan are infusing new energy into their communities. We’ll meet with local business owners who overcame all odds to realize their journey of entrepreneurship. 

If you’re just getting to know us now, don’t miss some of our recent deep-dives, like Detroiters battle without running water and Gov. Whitmer’s plan to preserve our next election. Plus you’ll find stories like our Michigan stargazing guide and features on interesting Michiganders like these local artists. 

As we cover the stories of both longtime and first-time voters, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of what this election means for those who call Michigan home. 

Plus, we plan to celebrate the culture, heart, and grit of Michigan — the things that bind us as Michiganders. 

We have our team of full-time journalists working on the ground, and we’ll also be bringing in local thought leaders and community movers-and-shakers to give you gripping op-ed’s, along with some of the most brilliant contributing writers the state has to offer, laying out grassroots narratives and compelling hometown events that illustrate the depth of our difference and power of our unity in Michigan. 

Why we are needed now, more than ever before

Our mission to come together through community news and impactful storytelling will drive all of our work.

Our pieces will show a common thread amongst Michiganders and use our similarities to come across the aisle and bridge understanding. But we are also out to make waves at The ‘Gander. 

In days of mass misinformation, division among residents, and distrust of the media, we will be a source that gives critical looks, solutions-oriented journalism, and the facts you need to make decisions about the state of our political and social sphere. 

Getting acquainted with us 

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Do you want to chat about the state of storytelling in Michigan? Have a story idea you believe deserves to be told? Want to pitch your own story to be shared with our readers? Reach out to me at I’d love to connect. 

If you’re looking to learn more about who is behind the gander read about Courier Newsroom here. 

Thanks for stopping by. We can’t wait for the chance to share our stories with you again.