Image via City of Detroit
Image via City of Detroit

After spending three weeks living with the coronavirus, Detroit’s Police Chief James Craig tested negative thanks to determination, faith and learning life lessons.

DETROIT, MI — Three long weeks after testing positive for the novel coronavirus COVID-19, Detroit’s top cop, Police Chief James Craig, tested negative Wednesday. 

“My personal story is my willingness to keep pushing back,” Craig told the Detroit Free Press in a Wednesday-night interview. “My body said, ‘Are you going to sit here and let this enemy take you over? This is not you.’”

Craig’s symptoms started with a cough he initially chalked up to seasonal allergies, but then the chills came. His symptoms got steadily more pronounced.

“Very lethargic, lost appetite, weak. Wasn’t a whole lot I could do,” Craig told WXYZ. “Even talking on the phone was a challenge.”

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Craig, 63, describes himself as a news junkie, and so was keenly aware of how serious the coronavirus was for people in his age group. But Craig has been in shoot-outs, he knew what fighting for his life meant, so he rose to the challenge. 

“I started pushing myself. And the more I pushed, the more it [the virus] wanted to leave me alone,” Craig told the Free Press. “I was trying to fight this thing, but I had to be thoughtful because I got a doctor saying, ‘Don’t overdo it.’ I got a family saying, ‘Don’t overdo it.’ My daughter was saying, ‘I know what you’re trying to do.’ And when I told her about my one-hour on the bike recently, she said, ‘You’re out of your mind!'”

Craig attributes his survival to his faith and his determination in the face of a potentially lethal situation. His fight with the coronavirus has given him a valuable life lesson, as well.

“Leave the small stuff alone and really focus on what you are personally called to do,” Craig said. “You have so much clarity when you’re fighting a deadly disease that you start thinking about your calling. ‘What am I here to do?’ It becomes so clear.”

You can read Craig’s full interview with the Free Press here.