Gov. Whitmer was impersonated on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. Here’s how NBC got our governor right.

DETROIT, MI — Saturday Night Live took on a new political character: Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. 

Actress Cecily Strong donned a dark wig and a thick Midwestern accent as she spoofed an address to Michiganders from the governor’s residence. 

We rounded up her best Whitmer witticisms.

1. The Accent

The truest Michiganders can speak with a nasal tone that attacks vowels like Red Wings players against…anybody. Strong nailed our governor’s tone as soon as she started to speak.

2. Rosa Parks

Comparing Michigan protestors to Detroit’s beloved Rosa Parks was preposterous. Strong joked and said that comparison only made sense if Parks was “fighting for her right to get hit by a bus” and it was tastefully hilarious.

3. Protest Safety Tips

The tips included many of Michigan’s real shelter in place guidelines but added in sarcasm like using one’s automatic rifle as a measuring stick for proper social distancing.

4. Face Masks

“Governor Whitmer” reminded Michiganders to wear face masks in public but jokes that “masks with hoods” are not appropriate. This zinger was may have only hit home locally, as Michigan’s quiet Ku Klux Klan population is not widely publicized.

5. The Mitten

Even if you left the tradition behind in elementary school, you have likely used your hand as a map at some point to give a location. 

Ultimately, the governor herself delivered the best zinger of them all, telling WXYZ’s Brian Abel, “If I was writing the script I would have made sure we had a great Michigan craft beer in it, not a Labatt’s.”

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