Photos courtesy of Anne Russo Photos courtesy of Anne Russo

When spring break turned into a farewell, Anne Russo decided to keep her isolated students engaged in the magic of movies.

DETROIT, MI — Anne Russo has been teaching at Holt High School for 20 years. She’s been a movie fan her entire life. Now, she’s recreating her favorite magic moments in cinema for her students stuck in quarantine. 

“I’ve always loved movies,” says the mom of two. “My first movie theater film was ‘The Fox and the Hound’ with my mom and my sister.”

The idea to share that love with her students came nearly 15 years ago when she and a fellow film-loving teacher developed the school’s Film as Literature class.


“We created that based mostly on a Lansing Community College class I took with Professor Dan Holt,” she says.

The community college curriculum was converted to a high school model and Russo has been converting second-semester high school seniors into movie buffs ever since. Until the coronavirus, that is.

Russo’s class was just beginning its unit on thrillers when school moved online. With a Michael Myers mask she already owned (she loves Halloween) and a jumpsuit sourced from the boys’ section of Target, she started e-classroom fun that would last the rest of the semester.

“My kids probably get tired of me being a perfectionist but it’s a lot of fun,” she says of the pair of photographers who shoot her recreations and also call her “mom.”

Russo says fellow educators, students and strangers alike have told her they love her work. 

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