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Local hospitals say more Michiganders are going home every day. Here are some numbers we’ve been waiting for.

DETROIT — One Michigan healthcare provider is sharing some good news. 

Henry Ford Health System is reporting its lowest patient numbers since the coronavirus outbreak began to peak in southeastern Michigan. The provider of five area hospitals says it has 377 patients as of Wednesday, down from 418 a day before.

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Henry Ford said it has discharged 1,705 patients in the last 30 days. 

Beaumont Health is Michigan’s largest provider and has also been reporting significant reductions in COVID-19 patients. Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said the field hospital at TCF Center, which was built to help area hospitals, won’t be needed much longer.

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COVID-19 is the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus. More than 3,500 people in Michigan have died, with Black Michiganders representing nearly 40% of COVID-related deaths. They only account for about 14% of the state’s total population.

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Some hospitals in rural counties are feeling the pinch. Intensive care units in Arenac, Branch, Lapeer and Mecosta counties were at full capacity Monday, the state health department said.

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