A new spotlight is shining on Michigan’s governor and this time it’s coming from the local hip hop scene.

DETROIT — “That woman from Michigan” now goes by the name “Big Gretch.”

That’s thanks to Detroit rapper Gmac Cash and the viral meme of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sporting the city’s iconic Cartier Buff sunglasses, photoshopped onto her face.

By Saturday, the meme was a new anthem inspired by Michigan’s leader. The track “Big Gretch” is less than two minutes long but manages to bestow a coveted pair of “Buffs on her face,” notes her consistently earned place in the press and declares that Detroit’s residents don’t stress with Michigan’s top executive running things.

“When something big in the city happens, I get like a thousand inboxes asking me to do a song,” Gmac Cash told The ‘Gander.

The rapper often talks current events, political happenings and social commentary in his lyrics.

“Detroit is kind of labeled for gangster rap and violence,” he says. “With my music, I try to focus on what’s actually going on in the world.”

He does just that in a song that most of us would only dance to, while pointing to some controversial current events.

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All that protesting was irrelevant

Big Gretch ain’t trying to hear yall/or the President

How we gone take orders from a non-resident?

Talking ‘bout ‘it’s safe’ but not coming with the evidence

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Over half the country is reopening in some way this week, despite not meeting the Presidential guidelines for public safety. 

But the best part of the song is Whitmer’s invitation to “the cookout,” a metaphor for ultimate acceptance of an outsider by the Black community. And Gov. Whitmer accepted the invitation.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to make good on the song’s promise to “throw them Buffs” on her face — which simply means to present her with a pair of the glasses, folks. Before anyone could capitalize on the moment and potentially take advantage of people, Gmac Cash started the fundraiser himself.

“It was a joke at first,” he says. “But I’ll buy them and I’ll give them to her.”

The campaign already has $1,300.

Check out the track below.