Photo via Gov. Whitmer's office
Photo via Gov. Whitmer's office

Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is on the minds and lips of many Americans. Here’s the latest from the Borowitz Report.

MICHIGAN — Governor Gretchen Whitmer continues to fuel the media cycle with a recent mention in The New Yorker magazine. When Attorney General William Barr said that Whitmer is “arrogantly forcing the residents of her state to remain alive,” the media floodgates opened, allowing a wave of articles, opinions, Saturday Night Live spoofs and even a rap songs to be released in her honor.

Comedian and author Andy Borowitz sarcastically highlights Barr’s criticism in his Bororwitz Report for New Yorker Magazine.

Borowitz’s article is a greatest hits list of Barr’s best barbs include:

“…depriving Michiganders of their constitutionally enshrined right to die before their time.”

“[Whitmer’s] unhinged obsession with keeping her state’s residents breathing…[is]government overreach at its worst.”

“Gretchen Whitmer never asked Michiganders for their consent to remain alive, and they won’t forget that any time soon,” Barr said.

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