After raising over $3,000 toward a pair of the iconic frames, a Detroit rapper now has other plans for the money.

DETROIT — Rapper Gmac Cash made headlines last week when he released his track “Big Gretch” on YouTube. The song, titled after a meme of Michigan’s governor began circulating online, quickly went viral, prompting an idea.

“I wanted to set it up before anyone else did,” the Detroit native told The ‘Gander of his creation of a GoFundMe account to source funds to actually get “Big Gretch” the Buffs he mentioned on his track.

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“I didn’t want anyone else to take the money and not give them to her,” he said.

Gmac Cash blasted his $2,500 fundraising goal out of the proverbial water in less than a day. After raising more than $3,000 he contacted the governor’s office but was told that she cannot accept gifts.

That didn’t stop the Detroit artist though. He reached out to activist group and charity New Era Detroit.

New Era Detroit formed in 2014 with a mission of accountability within Black communities and preparing people to positively contribute to the growth and development of neighborhoods, according to its website. The group has spearheaded programs to get clean drinking water to Flint residents, escort schoolchildren to and from bus stops and hold local businesses accountable for racist practices.

There is still no word on if “Big Gretch” will purchase her own pair of Buffs.