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Grandmas are sharing a love of wine during quarantine and a local gas station is filling the tanks of essential workers. Check out some of our favorite random acts of kindness from around the state.

MICHIGAN — No matter your vantage point, life is a lot different since the novel coronavirus outbreak took ‘hold of Michigan. No matter how tough things get, Michiganders still manage to pull each other up and show kindness in times when we could all use it most.

Here are some of the sweetest and most simple acts of kindness from around the state. Take a look at how our neighbors are taking care of each other.

Grandmas Deserve Free Wine

As people find ways to cope with isolation, Facebook groups are getting more use than ever, The Hill reports. One local woman created the group “You’ve Been Wined St. Clair,” a private group dedicated to wine enthusiasts in the area who share recommendations and more.

The more came in the form of a group of wine-loving grandmas. The ladies are gifting each other wine in a secret santa-style exchange that promotes social distancing but promotes social sanity.

“I think that’s why this whole wine thing has taken off,” group creator Heather Bernhardt tells The ‘Gander. “So many women are thrilled to have a reason to get out of the house…It’s not just wine but little gifts of chocolate or lip balm, etc. People are literally shedding tears of joy over this. Women are making new friends. We hope to continue and evolve the group and to continue it well beyond any lockdown.”

And who doesn’t want more wine right now?

Shawarma For First Responders

Sterling Heights’ Pattterns Restaurant prepared and delivered food for the night shift at Beaumont Hosptial’s Royal Oak campus.

The family operation is run through a cooperative effort as the owners and their children distance themselves from different corners of the globe. Despite their distance from one another, Pattternz came together to serve halal meals to hospital employees in observance of Ramadan.

Free Gas For Michigan Heroes

Several Pit Stop gas stations decided to give some petroleum relief to the state’s first responders last week. Locations throughout Macomb County gave first responders $10 worth of free gas on Thursday.

“It was our privilege to give back to the 1000+ front line health care professionals that stopped in for our gas giveaway! Thanks for your service and stay healthy. America needs you,” the business posted to its Facebook page.

Steak For High Stakes Employees

Outback Steakhouse on Canal Road in Lansing has been adamant about helping its community. Most recently, they made a very special delivery to Sparrow Hosptial’s labor and delivery unit.

Hospital Staff Receives Breakfast From Local Funeral Home

The James H. Cole Legacy Foundation will provide more than 150 meals to Henry Ford and DMC Sinai-Grace staff across three shifts throughout May. The breakfasts, lunches and dinners are a way to show appreciation for hospital staff working on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic, said foundation president Antonio Green.

The James H. Cole Home for Funerals first opened in 1919. Its main chapel is near Henry Ford Hospital. Its second chapel is located blocks from Sinai-Grace Hospital.

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