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After months of uncharastically cold weather (even by Michigan’s standards) temperatures are warming up. Here are some suggestions for making the most of it.

DETROIT — After a winter that outshined Game of Thrones’ final season, Michganders can finally look forward to warmer weather. Michigan meteorologists are forecasting the warmest temperatures so far this year over the next 10 days, with temperatures expected to reach the mid-80s. 

Check the forecast here, but we’re marking our calendars for nine days, when the peak temperatures hit the mid-80s in parts of the state. 

Although Gov. Whitmer’s stay at home orders don’t expire until May 28, there’s no reason to not enjoy this weather, social distancing style.

We’ve rounded up the 8 activities we can’t wait to do – safely. 

1. Backyard Frolic

Whether you have a hibachi on a small apartment patio or a full grill and a spacious backyard, barbecue season is finally here. Consider ordering groceries through a delivery service and create a feast for one — or all the members of your household, if warmer temps make you generous. is a great place to order things from across the state. They have a few dozen barbecue sauce and glaze options on their site from the UP down to the Ohio line.

2. Grab Some Sun

Has a book been calling you for months? Or maybe you love a midday nap? Consider either of these activities in the warmth of the brightest star. Either way, a comfortable outdoor space is a must during warm Michigan summers. Owosso-based Woodward Furniture caters to the luxury crowd and is a mood for inspiration boards  of all budgets.

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3. Walk Your Dog – Beyond The Mailbox

Our pets are likely just as stir crazy as we are. Give them — and yourself — a walk that doesn’t simply tolerate cooler temperatures and May snow flurries. To avoid crowds, consider walking around the parking lot of a business that is still closed for the moment.

Your local dog park may be open, but we recommend checking online with your city or county’s Parks & Recreation department for a list  of closures before heading out.

4. No Gym? No Problem!

If you’re tired of popping in the same Jane Fonda DVD to get your sweat on from home, Michigan is finally giving you swear-worthy weather. Take your workouts outdoors to get the added benefit of vitamin D and fresh oxygen to those hard working muscles. Try an early morning jog…or stroll at one of Michigan’s open state parks to beat the crowds.

5. Get Gardening 

Eastern Market’s annual Flower Day is right around the corner in Detroit. In order to protect Michiganders from the spread of the coronavirus, online ordering will begin May 24. Keep up with the Eastern Market Partnership’s Facebook page for ordering information and gardening spotlight live streams.

Garden centers throughout the state are now operational but call your local center before going. Their policies may be modified too.

6. Stargazing

Light pollution – like all pollution – is down, making Michigan’s dark skies are even more attractive. Take advantage of the view on a warmer night. The follow state parks have dark skies preserves:

Wondering what sky shows are happening next? Mark your calendars for one of these cool spring and summer celestial events.

7. Fishing & Boating

According to the state Department of Natural Resources, aquatic Michiganders are free to go fishing and boating. Governor Whitmer’s guidelines still require at least six feet of distance between you and anyone who doesn’t live in your household, but what better way to catch up with friends you’ve missed on a warm day? Here are a few things to remember:

  • Keep your rod to yourself – sharing with friends outside your home could lead to possible infection
  • Make sure your license is up to date (the new license year began April 1)
  • Your qualified watercraft must be registered with the Secretary of State. Renewals can be placed online.

8. Parks 

All state parks are open except the Tippy Dam Recreation Area. Eager Michiganders flooded the area and refused to practice social distancing so the state’s DNR chose to close it altogether. All other parks remain open as long as social distancing guidelines are observed.  

Detroiters would do well to remember the Belle Isle traffic jam during the last warm weekend. In fact, we all could. 

Avoid crowds and enjoy the sun as we look forward to warmer days.
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