The can hoard of one member of 'Gander staff.
The can hoard of one member of 'Gander staff.

Were you starting to wonder if you would ever be able to reclaim your garage or closet from empties? Well, the time is nigh.

LANSING, MI — Load up the trunk, ‘Ganders! 

Michigan residents burdened for weeks with bottles and cans can return them again to stores, starting June 15.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer had suspended the returns because of the coronavirus. As a result, bottles and cans with 10-cent deposits have been piling up in basements, garages and under the kitchen sink.

MLive estimates that returnables Michiganders collected during the pandemic are worth up to $50 million in unredeemed deposits. Some people have simply dropped cans and bottles in recycling bins or donated them to nonprofit groups instead of saving them.

Returns are limited to $25 per day. Retailers with collection machines can set up special hours.

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