Grand Tavern in Farmington Hills Grand Tavern in Farmington Hills

Kennedy Stevens of Grand Tavern gave us an inside look at the new normal in Michigan’s restaurant industry.

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI — Michiganders sheltered in place dutifully to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Now that summer is approaching and we’ve entered Phase 4 of Gov. Whitmer’s MI Safe Start plan, ‘Ganders are dining out (responsibly) at our favorite restaurants again.

Business may not be what you remember as “usual,” so here are a few things to remember when dining out during the pandemic.

We caught up with Kennedy Stevens at The Grand Tavern in Farmington Hills to get tips on what to expect as we returning to Michigan dining rooms.

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1. Bring your mask

Grand Tavern customers aren’t required to wear masks, but it’s a good idea to have it with you as you interact with the waitstaff and other customers. All staff will be masked. 

2. Cleanliness abounds

Grand Tavern has hand sanitizer mounted to the entryway wall and new paper menus that are thrown away each night. For the tech savvy, QR codes on each table can be scanned with your cell phone to pull up a digital menu.

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3. Your server isn’t rude! Just concerned for your health.

All servers, managers, and bartenders are required to wear masks while working. If you have trouble hearing or understanding them, just ask them to speak up – they’re used to it. But they won’t be able to remove their masks. 

4. Expect smaller crowds

Because of social distancing guidelines, tables have been moved at least six feet apart. There are new plastic dividers between booths to keep parties separated. Large parties will no longer be accommodated.

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