quiz Graphic by Desiree Tapia

One winner from our weekly quiz will score a featured ‘Gander shoutout and help us stump Michiganders for next week.


#1. Ingham County’s recent coronavirus spike links all cases to what local business?

#2. Why did Ypsilanti’s mayor resign?

#3. Who is Dana Nessel suing over watered-down protections against college sexual assault?

#4. A Facebook group dedicated to women who support Gov. Whitmer just surpassed what membership milestone?

#5. What creative method of transport is Short’s Brewing Co. using to deliver ale?

#6. How has President Trump’s denied climate change?

#7. A Detroit man was wrongly arrested as a result of what kind of technology?

#8. Which industry almost opened this week before Gov. Whitmer was granted a stay on a federal judge’s ruling?

#9. Which is not an official holiday in Michigan?

#10. Which of Detroit's outdoor art installations repurposes the original artist's once-deteriorated childhood neighborhood?


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