quiz Graphic by Desiree Tapia

Michigan drivers are getting a refund on insurance premiums. If you know how much they’re getting back, #7 should be a piece of cake!


#1. What election reforms are Reps. Hope and Love proposing?

#2. What does Lt. Gov. Gilchrist want his legacy to be?

#3. Twitter and Facebook recently removed a video President Trump shared due to false claims about what?

#4. What plans will Vice President Biden implement to support the “caring economy” if he’s elected president?

#5. What did Right to Life president Barbara Listing say was the group's biggest hurdle in collecting signatures for their abortion ban petition?

#6. When will Michiganders stop receiving $600 coronavirus enhancements to their unemployment insurance?

#7. How much money will be returned to Michigan drivers in a move to refund auto insurance premiums during the pandemic?

#8. Why did the publishers of MLive decide to stop printing mug shots?

#9. What percentage of Michiganders are uninsured?

#10. Detroiter Sarah Elizabeth Ray fought for Black people’s right to enjoy what popular Detroit attraction?


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