quiz Graphic by Desiree Tapia

Can you recall voters’ biggest wins during election week?


#1. What important campaign promise was John James heard breaking?

#2. Why did Michigan voters say they preferred voting by mail?

#3. What percentage of Genesee County’s voters returned ballots before Primary Day?

#4. Since being elected to office, what has Debbie Dingell done for metro Detroiters in Congress?

#5. Why were some Michigan polling locations unprepared on Tuesday?

#6. What candidate’s recognizable name likely helped them clinch victory in the 3rd Congressional district’s primary?

#7. What influential member of “The Squad” won their primary race on Tuesday?

#8. In her op-ed, why did Debbie Dingell say Joe Biden would make the best choice for president?

#9. Who does Gary Peters hope to defeat in November?

#10. How did voter Karen Dunnman drop off her absentee ballot for Tuesday’s primary?


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