Photos from the Democratic National Convention official stream.
Photos from the Democratic National Convention official stream.

From a rural Michigan farmer to a Detroit environmental activist, Michiganders have been repping the state right at the Democratic National Convention.

MILWAUKEE, WI — Michiganders have been well-represented in the Democratic National Convention. From Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to a farmer from Seymour, Michiganders have been sharing their stories during the virtual convention. 

The digital convention has allowed everyday Americans to take a national stage in entirely new ways. And they all have their own reasons for supporting Democratic nominee Joe Biden. 

Here are five of those reasons from around Michigan.

Farmer Andrew Adamski

Andrew Adamski, who has a microbiology degree from Northern Michigan University and works on his family’s farm in Seymour, was deeply concerned about climate change. His family grows corn, but the changing climate has impacted their ability to do so.

“My family has a saying, ‘knee high by the Fourth of July,” he told the Convention. But in recent years, he explained, unpredictable spring rains have made it hard to even be planted on schedule let alone growing well. 

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He’s supporting Biden because without action on climate, farming will only get more challenging as weather becomes more extreme. And he touted the ways farmers can do their part through sustainable practices like water conservation. 

“Us farmers can see the effects of climate change happening right in front of us,” he said. “We’re adopting sustainable solutions on my family’s farm.”

Activist Justin Onwenu

Justin Onwenu of Detroit was also concerned about climate change, speaking in a segment about the environment Wednesday. 

“Here in Detroit, our communities for such a long time have faced the burden of pollution,” Onwenu said. “I think addressing climate change gives us an opportunity to correct some of those wrongs.”

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Environmental injustice and racism has been a major problem facing Detroit. As The ‘Gander reported, part of the reason Detroit has been so hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic is a high rate of ‘comorbidities’  factors that make it harder to survive the virus  caused by poor environmental quality in the region. 

“The effects of climate change will trigger — and have already begun triggering — a public health crisis, an economic crisis and racial justice crisis far larger than this pandemic,” Onewnu wrote for the Hill. “There is no later, there is no better, other time.”

State Rep. Mari Manoogian

The Tuesday opening address came from young lawmakers and leaders across the nation, including a state representative from Birmingham, Michigan. Mari Manoogian was elected in 2018 to represent Michigan’s 40th House district. 

She spoke about the kind of unity America needs. 

“Joe knows we can never let hard times turn us against each other,” Manoogian said.

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Manoogian is the youngest woman in the Michigan legislature, and was inspired to politics by former President Barack Obama, who Biden served as Vice President. She shared the metaphorical stage with her inspiration at this year’s convention. 

“I was inspired by his words to lace up my shoes and ‘grab a clipboard’ & run for office myself,” she tweeted. “I am so grateful for his leadership & the company I had for that speech.”

Sen. Gary Peters

Sen. Gary Peters spoke about Biden as he cast 92 of Michigan’s votes for the former Vice President.

“A lot of folks wanted to let Detroit go bankrupt. But Joe Biden believed in us and together we fought to save our auto industry,”Sen.  Peters said.

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Sen. Peters referenced the Obama-era relief program that helped the auto industry survive the recession of 2018, a policy Biden helped implement and which has been mentioned numerous times at the convention. 

He also referenced the well-known statement where President Donald Trump said the auto industry should’ve been left to fail.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

From the auto industry to the pandemic to greater unity, Gov. Whitmer’s Monday speech synthesized the major beats Michiganders would bring to the convention in the following days. She reminded the convention that democracy is a “team sport.”

“That’s the story of this great nation,” Gov.  Whitmer said. “Action begets action. Progress begets progress. And when we work together, we can accomplish anything.”

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Gov. Whitmer spoke on the opening night of the convention. She had been a finalist for the running mate position but asked not to be considered for the position, saying being Governor was her “dream job.”