The Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle has artifacts of Michigan maritime history, including the anchor of the famous S.S. Edmond Fitzgerald. 

DETROIT, MI — The first phase of a $4.9 million outdoor enhancement project at Belle Isle’s Dossin Great Lakes Museum has been completed.

Sponsors and supporters of the project are scheduled to mark the occasion on Saturday with a ceremony and ribbon cutting.

The museum’s outdoor maritime artifacts, including the famous bow anchor from the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, have been re-displayed and upgraded as part of the project. The freighter sank in 1975 and was immortalized by Gordon Lightfoot’s song.

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Several new gardens have been planted with a focus on controlling erosion along the waterfront. A new cove also stabilizes the shoreline adjacent to the museum and provides a new launch point for Belle Isle’s water sport enthusiasts.

Other phases will include work on a riverfront trail and a landscape that would approximate the natural setting of Belle Isle before it became a park.

Belle Isle is located in the Detroit River, just northeast of downtown Detroit.