quiz Graphic by Desiree Tapia

What contributed to a tougher-than-usual cherry harvest for Michigan farmers? Click through to test your knowledge.


#1. True or False: The state of emergency has been extended, but Michigan gyms are ready to reopen.

#2. When does Michigan’s state of emergency now expire?

#3. Two viruses will circulate through Michigan’s population this season. Which one has an approved vaccination?

#4. What kinds of businesses could fail because of the pandemic and cancelled college football?

#5. In what way has the Marathon oil refinery contributed to Detroit’s 48217 zip code?

#6. What day is Joe Biden coming to Michigan?

#7. What ways can you return a Michigan absentee ballot?

#8. What tips does mom of three and therapist Erica Carulli give for coping with virtual learning?

#9. What major factor—aside from the pandemic—contributed to cherry farmers’ most recent harvest?

#10. What Michigan city will soon have “The Girl with the D Earring” mural painted on a midtown building?


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