Joe Biden delivering a speech in Warren, MI. Screenshot taken from Biden's live stream.
Joe Biden delivering a speech in Warren, MI. Screenshot taken from Biden's live stream.

In case you missed Biden’s speech Wednesday, The ‘Gander has your highlights.

WARREN, MI — Here are the top 6 points the Democratic presidential nominee made to UAW members in Warren on Wednesday.

1. Embrace ‘Buy American’

Joe Biden plans to sign executive actions within his first week as president, if elected, to require manufacturers to meet new American standards and to close corporate loopholes that make it easier and more profitable to do business overseas, unlike the president’s failed plan.

2. Called the President to Task

President Trump’s reelection campaign website highlights his “promises kept” to the American people, but Biden pointed out the important promises he’s broken.

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3. The Lives We’ve Lost Matter

Biden keeps track of lives lost to combat and the coronavirus, unlike the president who casually said “it is what it is” regarding the virus’s US death totals.

“I carry a schedule in my pocket that lists every day, the number of troops wounded…and the number of lives lost.”

4. Corporate Responsibility

Biden says there will be incentives for companies that employ American workers, and penalties for those that choose to produce abroad and import their goods back into the country.

5. Multitasking

Biden proposes switching the government’s fleet to electric vehicles. The move would create jobs in technology and industry, while leaving a greener footprint on the environment.

BONUS. Biden Took the Virus Seriously

Biden wore one mask to travel and changed into a new mask for his speech. The crowd included auto workers and local officials, all masked and six feet apart. Staff sanitized the podium after each speaker. Biden started his speech by saying since he was distanced at his own podium, he could take his mask off while talking to the crowd. But he knows Michigan takes the pandemic seriously.

“I’ll put it back on, Gov,” he joked to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, calling her a friend and exemplar leader during COVID-19.

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