quiz Graphic by Desiree Tapia

Associate Editor Sherri Kolade took our quiz and got 6/10. Can you beat her score?


#1. In his live address from Warren, what automotive proposal did Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden make for government vehicles?

#2. What family tragedy helped Harmony Lloyd’s mother change her views on health care and political leadership?

#3. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos wants schools to continue what during the pandemic?

#4. What common household product contributed to PFAS chemicals in Sandy Wynn-Stelt’s drinking water?

#5. What reason did Farmington mom Amanda Maslyn give for voting this year?

#6. John James’ company received $2M in tax cuts to create 108 jobs. How many did he actually create?

#7. According to Judge Laurie Michelson, Detroit police are banned from taking what measures for the next two weeks?

#8. What group organized a week of action to restore paid family leave for Michigan workers?

#9. What did Joe Biden actually say during his speech from the UAW in Warren?

#10. What is not a suggestion for shedding Super Mom Syndrome, according to Erica Carulli?


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