Registered voters in Michigan can cast ballots in person, by mail, or by absent voter ballot. Photo by Franz Knight
Registered voters in Michigan can cast ballots in person, by mail, or by absent voter ballot.

Are you a first time voter in 2020? There’s several ways you can get registered, in person or online. 

LANSING, MI — Elections are arguably one of the most important facets of the American democracy, even when we plan for it to take a few days for the results to come in

Voting for the first time or if your registration has lapsed, the idea of casting a ballot in a pandemic can be confusing. 

Michigan laws allow voters to register in different ways that are most convenient to them. This also encourages as many eligible residents as possible to participate in the electoral process, including on the day they cast their first ballot.

After you register, you can vote an absent voter ballot (aka absentee ballot) at the clerk’s office the same day, or you can vote at your assigned polling place on Election Day.

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Who’s Eligible to Register?

  • Michigan residents (at the time of registration) 
  • You must be a resident of your city or township for at least 30 days (when you vote, not at the time of registration)
  • A United States citizen
  • At least 18 years old (when you vote, not at the time of registration)
  • Not currently serving a sentence in jail or prison

Here’s how to register to vote in Michigan:


For Michigan residents with internet access, registering to vote online may be the most convenient option.

Click here access the Michigan Online Voter Registration System.

In Person (Early)

Michigan residents can register to vote in person at their local clerk’s office. Some offices have opened satellite offices for voter registration.

According to state election laws, you must show proof of where you live, all documents must have your name and current address, and you can show a digital copy of any document. 

Michigan considers these to be acceptable documents:

  • Michigan driver’s license or state ID card
  • Current utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Paycheck or government check
  • Other government document

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In Person (Election Day)

Michigan residents can also register to vote and cast their ballot in person on Election Day at their city or township clerk’s office. You must bring proof of eligibility and residency.

Military Voters

Michigan military and overseas civilian voters have additional options to register. For more information, click here.

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