quiz voting election Graphic by Desiree Tapia

Our Editor-in-Chief Lindsay Schrupp took our quiz and got 9/10. Can you beat her score?


#1. True or False: You can still vote in person during the pandemic.

#2. True or False: You must have a photo ID to cast your vote in Michigan.

#3. When does the USPS recommend sending in your ballot?

#4. How long will Michigan have to count ballots after the general election?

#5. True or False: Most states elect college boards of trustee members.

#6. What are election workers called in Michigan?

#7. Which tweet from a Michigan leader was in response to Donald Trump’s advice to “vote twice”?

#8. Michigan voters told us they cast their ballots for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

#9. Which of these is true for voting by mail?

#10. When should Michiganders expect to know who won the election according to SOS Benson?


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