Michiganders are bouncing back from a tumultuous 2020. Here are the tools and stories of inspiration you need to make your next economic move up.

MICHIGAN—Michigander Tasha Danielle is pivoting in 2020. After the pandemic hit the state hard, she bounced back by breathing new life into her six-year-old financial literacy business, Financial Garden. She’s doing more work than ever helping K-12 students gain financial acumen. Danielle pulled her resources together, with a little help along the way, after she no longer had access her primary customer base for her business: schools. 

She’s one of the many motivated Michiganders bouncing back from a tough 2020. Welcome to your hub for all things staging a comeback together, whether you’re working to keep your family comfortable or scouting your biggest career move yet, this is a space for workers, students, the entrepreneurs and the ambitious. These are the triumphs and troubles we’ve all shared. The lessons and the tools we all could use.

No matter where you are in your journey toward economic recovery — whether that’s needing help meeting your basic bills or brushing up on skills to make a bold career switch — we’ve got the tools, resources, information and uplifting stories to get you closer to your goals of where your family wants to be. Read on and be inspired.