Boost your resume today. Photo via Shutterstock
Boost your resume today.

Michigan resume writing professional Linda Taite tells how to snag a job, even if your resume is not quite up to snuff.

MICHIGAN—There are 439,661 Michiganders unemployed today in Michigan, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

One of the best ways to stand out in any job interview is through the creation of a high quality resume, especially during the current atmosphere where networking events and in-person meetings are extremely rare, and more companies are hiring virtually. 

Resume writing can be difficult for non-professionals and people who haven’t had much experience writing them, but there are several tried-and-true strategies for creating a quality resume that anyone can follow according to Linda Taite, a 29-year resume writing professional, whose company About Words is based in Ann Arbor.

The following are Linda’s tips for anyone seeking to create a high quality resume with job competition expected to ratchet up due to the pandemic:

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1. Be Truthful – “Number one, don’t lie on your resume ever, for any reason,” Taite said.

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s important to be forthcoming and truthful with any potential employer as any breach of trust in this area could cost you the position. 

2. Highlight Accomplishments – Always be sure to highlight your most impressive accomplishments, as these can sometimes be even more eye-catching than job descriptions and titles, since they may help you stand out better to prospective employers, according to Taite.

The job market is more difficult to navigate since the pandemic hit, making it more important than ever to highlight your most outstanding accomplishments, said Taite, who compared current events to the Great Recession times of 2009.

“One of the things I’m always focusing on are accomplishments,” Taite said.

3. Utilize Adjectives – Rather than speaking in the first person, resume writers should begin each sentence with adjectives such as “organized a special event,” for example.

This approach adds a formal touch to the resume that can help make it stand out.

4. Double-Check and Eliminate Mistakes – English and grammar-related mistakes must be avoided at all costs according to Taite, who has noticed plenty of them throughout her career of nearly three decades.

Proofreading carefully is an absolute must, she said, as mistakes could be a deal-breaker for many companies.

“Having your resume done professionally is worth every penny,” she said. “Mistakes are typically the biggest problem. I see mistakes everywhere.

“A lot of times people are sending out resumes and no one contacts them for an interview. So I would say to absolutely try not to have any mistakes on your resume.” 

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Should You Mention COVID Layoffs on Your Resume? 

According to Ciara Van De Velde of the professional writing service Employment BOOST, it’s not necessary to mention COVID-19 related layoffs, but if the topic does come up, it’s wise to be prepared.

“When it comes to the interview, that’s where we can say, I did receive a layoff, unfortunately, as a result of COVID-19, changes were made, the organization was restructured,” she said to WXYZ-Detroit.

As for resume writers who’ve had a large gap between recent employment stints, simply using the year is another useful strategy, she added. 

“If we just put the years, they have no idea which month you were laid off,” she said. 

Van de Velde also recommends tailoring your resume with the critical skills you have for each position, and leaving any recent layoffs as a topic for the interview rather than your resume. 

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