Michigan is being mischaracterized and its small businesses owners need help to continue supporting the community. Here are the debate takeaways that affect us most.

MICHIGAN—Missed the debate last night? Still deciding whether to cast your ballot by Nov. 3? You won’t want to miss the takeaways from this season’s final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. 

They talked living—and dying—in the pandemic, race in America and Michigan got its own shout-out. (Spoiler alert: President Trump falsely said we’re running like a “prison” here in the state, though that wasn’t the most absurd thing he said. We break it down below). 

We have the must-know moments from the evening that will help you decide which candidate you feel is worthy of the POTUS seat.

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Trump Said Michigan is ‘Like a Prison.’ It’s Not.

The president claimed that “we’re rounding the corner” and the virus that’s killed thousands of people, and will possibly harm thousands more, is “going away.”

Biden disagreed and said the way Trump handled the pandemic has been “absolutely tragic.”

“The president thus far has no comprehensive plan,” Biden said. That day, 43 Michiganders lost their lives to coronavirus complications.

Biden said, if elected, he would encourage everyone to wear a mask “at all times,” invest in rapid testing, and set up a national standard on reopening schools and businesses with financial backing.

16,000 Americans died from the disease since Biden and Trump last were on the debate stage together. 

‘Mr. President, Do You Understand?’

It might have been the final 20 minutes of the debate, but this segment spoke multitudes about the candidates. Each were asked to discuss race in America. 

Moderator Kristen Welker described “The Talk,” an intense and emotional conversation that Black and brown parents have with their children. The Talk teaches them to be cautious around police and to be watchful of racism that could lead to their harm or even death. 

Welker asked both candidates if they understood that these types of conversations are happening in American households. President Trump responded by saying, “I am the least racist person in this room” several times. 

He did not address the question head on, but earlier in the debate compared himself to Abraham Lincoln, saying he is the next president to treat Black Americans well.

Biden had a different stance. 

“We’ve never lived up to it,” Biden said of America’s written promise in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.” The candidate acknowledged his errors and contributions to racial disparities and vowed to work toward unification and healing.

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Health Care Confusion and a New Buzzword 

President Trump did not specifically say what he would do for the country’s healthcare system if he is reelected to office. He did, however, refer to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as “no good” and warned Americans that a Biden presidency would spell the end of their private insurance options.

The ACA has been threatened since the first Trump campaign, but a comprehensive replacement is yet to be presented.

Joe Biden was one of the only Democrats among the two dozen primary contenders who refused to promote universal healthcare. Instead, he proposes a plan that provides both public and private options for people to choose from.

He dropped a new buzzword that went crazy on Twitter: Bidencare. We break down what that means. 

Small Businesses Need Help

The Paycheck Protection Program failed to reach many Main Street, USA, businesses. Instead, it made wealthy Wall Street types even more rich as they braced for the full impact of the coronavirus.

Biden proposed a plan to specifically target these kinds of businesses to ensure economic recovery for them and the communities they support.

Trump on North Korea: ‘I Have a Very Good Relationship’

North Korean leader and dictator Kim Jong Un is a notorious violator of human rights, known for starving his people as he lives a wealthy, lavish lifestyle. The country has tested a nuclear missile since its leader and POTUS became close allies. The president was asked if he saw the missile launch as a betrayal of their new friendship.

He said no.

Biden was asked how he would reign in the communist country, if he wins the election. 

“North Korea is a problem and we’re going to make sure we can control them and make sure they cannot hurt us,” Biden said. “What has [Trump] done? He’s legitimized North Korea.”

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