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What popular pastime will be missing alongside MSU football this year?


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#1. True or False: You still have time to mail your Michigan absentee ballot.


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Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson recommends dropping off absentee ballots at local clerks’ offices now, through Nov. 2. All votes on Election Day must be cast at your assigned polling place.

#2. What historical journey is “TC” Collins recreating in his Ypsilanti garden?

#3. How many undocumented children have been orphaned due to separation from their parents at the southern border?

#4. What elected officials are listed on the nonpartisan section of the ballot?

#5. What has been a major factor in Michigan’s recent spike in coronavirus cases?

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#6. What new tool could alert Michiganders to possible COVID-19 exposure?

#7. What kinds of jobs could lead to the resurgence of Michigan’s economy?

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#8. Shortly after domestic terrorists were arrested for planning to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, President Trump hosted a crowd that did what?

The Muskegon crowd started the chant that the president encouraged and added his own thoughts to.

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#9. Which is NOT a tip provided to revamp your resume?

#10. Football made a triumphant return this season, but what popular game-time pastime didn’t make MSU’s cut?


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