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How much do you know about navigating Michigan’s polling places this election? Take our quiz to find out.


  You really know your (election) stuff, ‘Gander! If you haven’t voted yet, you’re clearly ready to cast your Michigan ballot.


You may not have all of the answers, but you’ve still got resources and opportunity. Be sure to vote!

#1. True or False: Disbaled voters cannot cast ballots at polling locations that are not accessible.

Voters who are unable to get from their cars to the polling site may still vote. Ask another voter to tell election officials inside that a disabled voter needs to cast a ballot curbside.

Election officials will bring the ballot to your car.


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#2. What state election official encouraged Michigan voters to drop their absentee ballots off instead of mailing them?

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson encouraged voters to use one of the state’s more than 700 drop boxes to return absentee ballots, rather than the US Postal Service.

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#3. True or False: Michiganders MUST wear masks when voting in person.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson encourages all Michiganders to wear masks when entering polling places, but she is not requiring them.

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#4. Which officials are voted in on the nonpartisan section of your Michigan ballot?

Judges are listed on ballots with no party affiliation.

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#5. Who said “Michigan is a Microcosm of America”?

Physician, epidemiologist, and progressive activist Dr. Abdul El-Sayed referred to Michigan as a “microcosm of America” as he discussed youth voters with The ‘Gander.

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#6. True or False: Suburban Michigan women are actively working to engage voters who will vote against Donald Trump.

Michigan women like Lori Goldman are hitting the streets to encourage other suburbanites to vote for Joe Biden.

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#7. How many Michiganders still had absentee ballots out one week from Election Day?

Reports show that some 850,000 Michigan voters have not returned their absentee ballots, as of Oct. 29.

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#8. What city in Michigan is dedicating its staff to election duty on Nov. 3?

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has pledged that city employees will be rededicated to election duty to prevent election officials from being overwhelmed on Nov. 3.

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#9. What is the purpose of an emergency absentee ballot?

The State of Michigan will allow voters who experience an unexpected emergency after 5 p.m. on Oct. 30 through Election Day can request an emergency absentee ballot. Ballots must be returned to your local clerk’s office on Election Day, no later than 8 p.m.

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#10. Which is a way to combat voter intimidation?

These are all ways to avoid voter intimidation at the polls

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