Professional Michigan counselor Erica Carulli says that “there’s never too many voices.” That’s why this Michigan mom made a plan to vote this election.

MICHIGAN—Voting is significant for everyone for different reasons. One thing I know for sure: We all have a voice, each of our voices matter, our voice is our vote, so let’s use it.

There are so many reasons why I want to vote this year. One of the main reasons is my children, our future. Some other excellent reasons to vote: raising minimum wage, funding public schools, and public transportation. 

Also, you pay taxes right? Well, I want my opinion on where my tax dollars are spent to be heard. By participating in the voting aspect of elections we are participating in a community. We are becoming more of a community in joining people that share like visions, like ideas, and have similar ideas about our future. There are, of course, other issues, but to break it down, voting is impactful, and beneficial for all of us. I want my children to learn, with me leading by example, the fundamental underpinnings of voting. I want to be able to share my beliefs with them. I want them to learn respectful disagreement and communication skills. All of these things are aspects of voting—especially having the right to vote.

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Hear Her Roar

I am also a woman.

I will vote because until 100 years ago or so women didn’t even have the right to vote. My voice wasn’t important, as a woman. Not everyone has always had the right to vote, but we do now. When we choose not to vote we are choosing not to use our voice and our voice is the most powerful thing we have. Think of all the people silenced before us. 

I want to teach my children that we can use our voice collectively. As a democracy, our collective voice is important to stand up to and fight the very systems in place that have been used to suppress, oppress and marginalized groups of people. I want to teach my children that your thoughts, opinions and beliefs matter. I want to teach my children that everyone’s voice matters. I think this is a fundamental lesson that we can start teaching our children by setting the example: by voting. 

We’re not just voting for the president of the United States, we’re voting for many other things and it’s overwhelming and seemingly unnecessarily complicated. My suggestion? Educate yourself.  There are many websites out there that can inform you about the different points with which we are voting for in an effort to help you understand what’s being presented by each candidate, to guide you toward the platforms that fit in with your beliefs. Maybe you won’t have all of the answers, and that’s okay, too. You’ve done your research. You know your choices align with your morals and beliefs.

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A Change She Wants to Come

I want change. That isn’t a secret. I’m voting in this election because I want to see a change in the systems in place that continue to silence voices.  While no candidate screams perfection to me, what I am trying to understand more of is the stance on how each candidate will affect change in the current systems; the systems in place that do not fully function to the best of the American people’s wellbeing. I want to support a candidate that aligns with the belief that love is love, that a public education deserves funding, that the richest people in the country will be held accountable for their actions. 

So, a little bit about voting itself. Just go vote, right? Wrong. I get it! It’s tough to actually get out and vote. Sure! It’s tough to take time off work, to find a sitter, to get to the polls to stand in line. But let me tell you, there are many ways in which you have the right to vote. Vote before or after work, bring your kids with you, vote absentee. It’s our duty as citizens of the United States of America to vote. We are in an unprecedented time; this is the first election to happen during a global pandemic. Because of this, voting absentee, via mail and even early has become more commonplace and well known as something you can (and HAVE THE RIGHT TO) do. Let’s stand together and stand proud and let our voices be heard this election year and every election whether big or small. The United States of America is run by people who show up. Voting is a very simple way that you can show up. 

Your voice is so incredibly important and is only underscored by the fact that our future is uncertain. You get to decide for yourself what kind of future you want to live in. Find and support the candidate that aligns as closely to that future and vote for that platform.and We are all living history, an election during a global pandemic; everyone is struggling with feelings of anxiety. I am no exception to that. We are raising our children in a very uncertain time but we can show our children that we want to be heard, we want to lift the voices of those silenced and we will not back down without (kindly) sharing our opinion. Because it matters. 

So, do you have a plan to vote? Let’s make sure our friends and family members have a plan to vote. We can never be too prepared. We can never have too many voices. 

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