Detroit businesswoman Dorethia Kelly is on the move with her business, and believes her vote can make it all count. Photo provided by Dorethia Kelly .
Detroit businesswoman Dorethia Kelly is on the move with her business, and believes her vote can make it all count.

Detroiter Dorethia Kelly is all about business when it comes to voting for a purpose.

DETROIT—Today’s Election Day and Detroit businesswoman Dorethia Kelly wants to know if you voted. 

No, really. The savvy entrepreneur wants to know if you also made your voice heard through the democratic process, which could impact her business [and other businesses] down the line.

“The laws in place for businesses definitely affect entrepreneurs. It’s important to me that those in charge are advocates for small business, it’s always top of mind,” Kelly said. 

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An Entrepreneur Votes for Her Business and People

Kelly’s business, Work Space Spark, is a career growth community and office décor/tools subscription box that delivers monthly work items, in addition to training that assists professionals in their careers, according to her website.

As a business owner for over 10 years and a voter since she was of age to vote, Kelly said that she is thriving, but she has seen many counterparts not be so lucky. 

“It’s very sad, many businesses large and small have closed,” she said of the places she and her family were accustomed to going to that had “history and memories.” 

“The ballroom dance club I met my husband at closed, very sad for the dance community,” she said, adding that she was able to remain open because of her experience as an entrepreneur and business coach. “I knew that online business opened up a lot of opportunities. So my model was based on both online and offline sales initially.”

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Kelly navigated these choppy economic times and launched in the middle of the pandemic.

But even in spite of a pandemic, Kelly said that tough times shouldn’t stop people from voting.

“There are no reasons not to vote. Nothing will be perfect, yes, a lot of things about the process need to be fixed. But that is all the reason why we must vote,” Kelly said, adding that for her, voting hits a bit deeper. 

As a little girl growing up in North Carolina her mom had the Ebony magazine collection of Black History Encyclopedias. 

“I literally read them all as an 11 year old kid. She made sure we knew our history and understood the trials and triumphs we would face as Black people,” Kelly said. “When I saw the horrific things our people went through to vote and then as an adult learned of the trials of women and other nationalities across the globe…it solidified participating [and voting] even more for me.”⁠  

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