Work opportunities for Michigan’s veterans and more money for moms and babies? Our weekly quiz brings you up to speed.


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#1. Which of the following counties was NOT one of the ones that voted blue?

Despite Democratic efforts in the area, Macomb County did not vote blue in election 2020.



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#2. True or False: Michigan’s young people voted in record number.

College students and voters under 35 turned out in record number, making all the difference in election 2020.

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#3. Which was not a “key lesson” learned from the 2020 general election as analyzed by political reporter Katelyn Kivel?

The ‘Gander political reporter Katelyn Kivel also noted riding “the blue tide.”

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#4. True or False: All Black voters blindly support the Biden-Harris ticket.

Some voters, like Michigander and international entertainer Vie Boheme, do not agree with all of the Biden-Harris campaign’s choices, but are choosing to support the administration anyway.

DON’T MISS: ‘She Didn’t Crack the Glass Ceiling, She Shattered It’: Michiganders React to Harris’ Historic VP Win

#5. Michigan educators are excited to say “bye-bye” to Which Trump-appointed cabinet member?

President Trump appointed billionaire Michigander Betsy DeVos as US Secretary of Education, despite her having no previous experience in the field.

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#6. True or False: Democrats gained control of the Michigan state House during the 2020 election.

Republicans retained control of the Michigan state House.

CHECK OUT: Republicans Keep Legislative Control as Progressives Keep Influence in Michigan

#7. Now that the election is (mostly) over, how can Michigan voters stay engaged with the political process?

Each of these is a way to remain engaged, but they’re not the only options.

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#8. Which local leader introduced a bill to help veterans find work?

Gov. Whitmer, along with state leaders, introduced a bill to help Michigan’s veterans find employment.

SEE ALSO: Gov. Whitmer and State Leaders Introduce Bill to Help Veterans Secure Work

#9. True or False: Black voters made the difference in Michigan turning blue in the 2020 election.

Thanks both to the Democratic Party and grassroots efforts, Black voters were engaged and energized in way that led to historic turnout.

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#10. Who is highly considered in Gov. Whitmers 2021 budget?

There is a concerted effort to ensure Michigan families grow safely.

DON’T MISS: How Moms and Babies Are Front and Center in Michigan’s 2021 Budget


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