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Michiganders have been buzzing about Detroit’s vote this week. But do you know the story behind it? Quiz yourself! 


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#1. How long will the “pause” to normal business procedures that Gov. Whitmer recently announced last?

Whoops! This is just a three-week pause, ‘Gander.


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#2. What scientific specialty did Laurie Pohutsky pursue professionally before she represented Livonia in Michigan’s House of Representatives?

Aw, shucks! State Rep. Pohutsky was a microbiologist before joining the Legislature.


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#3. True or False: Trump campaign lawsuits in Michigan have found substantial evidence of fraud.

Oopsies! Actually, each of the lawsuits President Trump’s campaign filed in Michigan was dismissed.

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#4. Which environmental threat is Michigan Gov. Grechen Whitmer considering shutting down?

Egad, ‘Gander! Gov. Whitmer is considering shutting the Line 5 oil pipeline down.

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#5. What sector(s) are represented on Michigan’s new Black Leadership Advisory Council?

Nice try, but each of these industries is represented on Michigan’s Black Leadership Black Advisory Council.

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#6. How many small businesses have benefited from the Michigan Small Business Restart Program?

Yikes, slow down! That’s right, 14,000 Michigan businesses received grants through this new program.

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#7. What key defense group is still crucial in Michigan’s fight against the coronavirus?

Dang. Here’s the skinny: Michigan’s National Guard assists with administering tests, but they’re biggest pandemic job is yet to come.

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#8. Which is the fastest way to get in touch with Michigan state Representative-elect Abraham Aiyash.

Whoops! The state Representative-elect told The ‘Gander that sending an email is the fastest way to get in touch with him.

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#9. What kind of cuisine does local start-up owner Prej Iroegbu serve on his Detroit-based food truck?

Oh darn! Prej Iroegbu sells Nigerian food. See? It’s there on his truck.

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#10. Which Michigan library is offering free laptop rentals, complete with SD storage cards?

Aw snap! It’s actually the Detroit Public Library that is loaning out laptops to adult library cardholders for up to 90 days.

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