Photo via We Make Michigan/Facebook
Photo via We Make Michigan/Facebook

Michiganders took to the streets on Monday to show support for the certification of election results in a COVID-19 safe fashion.

LANSING Michiganders took to the streets on Monday afternoon in a safe and orderly fashion, participating in a caravan titled “Drive for Democracy” while showing support for the certification of election results.

“Today is a big day for democracy in Michigan and democracy around the country as we prepare for the canvassers,” said Sam Inglot, the deputy director of Progress Michigan, which live streamed the caravan.

Inglot interviewed activists, supporters of minority communities, and proponents of an orderly and fair election certification during a live stream of the day’s events.

Civil Rights for Immigrants Task Force Chair Oscar Castaneda reported live from the caravan, which he said was safely planned and executed and showcased the best of American democracy.

“This is a great experience, there is a great sense of organization,” Castaneda said. “Everybody’s wearing a mask, everybody’s peaceful and in great spirits.

“I think this is what democracy is all about, everybody working together for a common cause.”

Caravan participants gathered in their vehicles at the Meridian Mile downtown, stretching a mile long.

Their cars were decked out with signs in support of the certification of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ victory in Michigan.

“The People Have Spoken,” read one sign on a silver pickup truck.

“Uphold democracy,” another sign read on a nearby sidewalk as part of a tower of signs supporting Biden and Harris.

“It’s a somber day in Lansing,” reported Progress Michigan organizer Levi Teitel, who shared video on the ground of the lead-up to the day’s legal proceedings, including the caravan.

“But there’s a hopeful mood that the Board of Canvassers will respect the will of the people and that the vote will be certified,” he said.

Along with supporting the certification of the vote, demonstrators also focused on COVID-19 safety precautions, a key component of the car-based rally.

Teitel described the scene, which he said showed a stark difference between supporters of Biden and Harris compared with counter-protesters.

“A block away a group of counter-protesters is not wearing masks,” he said.

“Everybody in front of the Capitol steps is respecting guidelines here,” he added.

Inglot addressed the aim of the rally during the livestream, which utilized the hashtags #AllEyesonMI, #VotersDecided, and #DoYourJobs in a show of support.

“We call on the state board of canvassers to do their job and certify the results,” Inglot said.

“Donald Trump needs to respect the votes because the people have already spoke…it’s time to move forward.”