Resources for Michiganders reflect the ethnic makeup of the population. There is help available for every community.
Resources for Michiganders reflect the ethnic makeup of the population. There is help available for every community.

From legal services to child care and food, these organizations want to help Michigan’s people of color thrive.

MICHIGAN—Now that winter is closing in on all parts of the state, many Michiganders find themselves in need of resources to get through the season.

Help is available throughout the state for residents and families in need. Some services are offered to specific communities to help ensure they do not suffer unnecessarily due to lack of access or information.

These resources are geared toward specific ethnic communities and can be of assistance year-round:

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The Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) has served the Dearborn community for nearly 50 years. The group focuses on honoring Arab American heritage, community building, and providing services for those in need, according to its website.

ACCESS also funds the Arab American National Museum.

More Resources for Arab Michiganders:

American Indian Services, Inc.

Native Americans in Michigan have access to legal services, tutoring, and college scholarships through American Indian Services, Inc. The nonprofit organization also provides family and group therapy, youth summer camps, and food assistance programs.

More Resources for Native American Michiganders:

Asian Center

Michigan residents of Asian descent can take advantage of computer workshops, English classes, and get the latest COVID-19 information through Asian Center. The nonprofit aims to assist Indian, Chinese, Korean, Philipino, and Vietnamese American Michigan residents.

More Resources for Asian Michiganders:

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El Concilio

Latina western Michigan residents who are in need of economic support or financial educational services can find that and more through El Concilio. Before the pandemic, the Kalamazoo community center offered bilingual preschool, celebrations of traditional holidays, and an annual golf outing.

The center is closed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, but in-home services are still available.

More Resources for Latina Michiganders:

Click here for a list of more resources for Michigan’s Latina community.

Freedom House

Detroit is a hub for people traveling to the US in search of political asylum, and Freedom House serves as temporary housing for asylum seekers as their cases work through the legal system. It also helps acclimate new residents to the area by providing ESL (English as a second language) classes.

More Resources for Immigrant Michiganders:

Click here for more resources for immigrants living in Michigan.

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