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We asked Detroit entrepreneur Leslie Williams to test her knowledge this week and —of course—she got #10 right.


Great job, ‘Gander! You really know your stuff.  
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#1. Which Michigan laws have helped to shape 2020?

Each of these laws impacted the strange year that has been 2020.

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#2. What local crisis did newly elected Michigan State Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth refer to as a ‘tsunami.’

“When I graduated, it was still ‘every lawyer has to give more pro bono time.’ There’s not enough pro bono hours to go around, particularly when you think of the landlord-tenant tsunami crisis that is upon the courts,” Justice-elect Elizabeth Welch told our political reporter Katelyn Kivel.

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#3. Which event has NOT happened during the first two years of Gretchen Whitmer’s first gubernatorial term.

The last two years have felt like a movie, but Gov. Whitmer still uses certified sign language interpreters for her press briefings.

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#4. Which issues are Michiganders saying they want the Biden presidency to address?

Michiganders have tall orders for the next presidential administration. We want it all.

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#5. What vulnerable community did Ruth Ellis help protect in the past—and does the Ruth Ellis Center protect today?

The Ruth Ellis center is a safe haven for Black LBGTQ youth, much as its namesake did throughout the 20th century.

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#6. Grand Valley State University is guaranteeing admission to students who first make what commitment?

Applicants with at least two years of military service will be guaranteed admission to GVSU.

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#7. Which Michigan county has been one of the hardest hit by the latest uptick in positive COVID-19 cases?

Bay County is one of Michigan’s hardest hit counties by the latest wave of coronavirus infections.

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#8. True or false: Warmer winters can negatively affect Michigan agriculture.

Warmer winters can create something called a “false spring,” which has adverse effects for Michigan’s plant and animal life.

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#9. Who referred to the notion of affordable higher education as “insidious?”

Betsy DeVos recently delivered a speech where she referred to lawmakers’ ideas to forgive or cancel student loan debt “insidious.”

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#10. What kind of business of business is Leslie Williams’ Lavish Box Beauty?

Williams’ Lavish Beauty Boxes provide makeup, lash extensions, and more 24 hours a day from conveniently located vending machines.

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