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It’s trivia time. Do you know which state department is hosting “Stuff-a-Truck” events this holiday season? Quiz Yourself!


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#1. On Monday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that the partial shutdown would be extended for ___ days.

Nope! Gov. Whitmer announced a 12-day extension to the pause of certain business activities to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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#2. True or False: Liza Estlund Olson has stepped in to run Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency before.

There was a 50/50 chance, right?

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#3. What does Michigan resident Khodr Farhat credit with his coronavirus recovery?

Farhat credited both positive thinking and having a family to return to with his coronavirus recovery.

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#4. Who was NOT on The ‘Gander’s list of most influential progressive women?

Try again, please! Justin Amash is not a woman.

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#5. What appointment did Gov. Whitmer accept from President-elect Joe Biden?

Gov. Whitmer has been offered several opportunities within the Biden-Harris administration, but she accepted an appointment as co-chair of the inauguration committee.

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#6. If you’re considering attending a protest during the pandemic, what should you be prepared to bring?

Protesters who brave the winter and the pandemic should bring all of these items and more.

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#7. Which Michigan leader was the latest target of violent threats as President Donald Trump refuses to accept the election results?

Jocelyn Benson was the latest target of violent threats from Michiganders who are upset with the election results.

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#8. Beyond in-person protests, how can Michiganders safely advocate for their rights during the pandemic?

Each of these is a way to safely remain engaged with your community and elected leaders.

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#9. True or False: The ‘Gander publishes guides to help you shop local this holiday season?

The ‘Gander published several local shopping guides.

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#10. Which state department is hosting “Stuff-a-Truck” events this holiday season?


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