Flint residents not happy with water crisis settlement Photo via Shutterstock
Flint residents not happy with water crisis settlement

Locals agree, like Flint rapper Ira Dorsey who said, “The people of Flint deserve better than the settlement that they were offered.”

FLINT, Mich.—Progress towards ending the Flint water crisis is finally being made as Flint residents work together to revive their city. 

The people of Flint are stronger now than ever before, local activist and rapper Ira Dorsey says. He told The ‘Gander they are all united and “fighting for the recovery of Flint.”

Most of the water pipes in Flint have been replaced and nearly all residents now have access to clean water. 

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Although the water may be cleaner, the suffering Flint residents endured for nearly 7 years is not just water under the bridge. 

Former Flint Mayor Karen Weaver told The ‘Gander that people have lost all trust in their elected officials. 

Earlier this week, the class-action lawsuit was settled for $640 million. Mayor Weaver says the amount is not enough to compensate for exposing over 100 thousand people to poisoned water. 

She believes the settlement is “another act of systemic racism.”

Watch more responses from Flint’s community here:

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