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If Christmas isn’t your thing, prepare to get the last question wrong.


Go, you!  

No one ever has to know.


#1. Which presidential nomination inspired state Rep. Mari Manoogian’s political career?

Whoops, better luck next time! President Barack Obama inspired Rep. Manoogian’s service.


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#2. What are astronomers calling the once-in-a-millennium event taking place Dec. 21?

#3. How does Flint resident Lashaya Darisaw advocate for her neighbors?

Nope! These days, Darisaw works as an advocate, activist, and political consultant.

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#4. Which is NOT a ‘Gander-approved pandemic-safe activity this winter?

Not quite! Only a Christmas party at the White House during—you know—a global pandemic would be deemed unsafe at this time.

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#5. Which Congressional Republican preceded Paul Mitchell in leaving the party?

#6. True or False: There are still items to be purchased from Little Miss Flint’s Christmas wish list for area youth.

Duh! They’re always ways to help Flint children and youth!

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#7. Which Michiganders will be eligible for free college tuition in two weeks?

Actually, Michigan’s frontline workers will be looking forward to free tuition. You’ll get the next one!

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#8. Which is a survival tip for living in a food desert?

Each of these is a tip for survival in a food desert.

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#9. How long did Benny Napoleon serve on the Detroit police force before becoming Wayne County Sheriff in 2009?

Sheriff Napoleon served for some 25 years on the police force in addition to his time with the Wayne County Sheriff’s office.

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#10. True or False: The ‘Gander created a holiday roadmap of Christmas lights displays.

Of course we did, do you know us?

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