Camryn proudly displays a large, unique Christmas card sent to her through her Facebook group. Photo by Brian Rozman
Camryn proudly displays a large, unique Christmas card sent to her through her Facebook group.

All she wants for Christmas is a nice card filled with cheer. Here’s how you can keep a local woman’s spirits high this holiday season.

EAST CHINA, Mich.—In 2020, Camryn Kivel has made a new best friend in her mail carrier, Wes. 

On Monday, he delivered her 91 Christmas cards from around the world, something the 20-year-old has come to expect in a season when all her favorite traditions look different. 

They came from dozens of states, as far as the United Kingdom, and even from celebrities—all from perfect strangers. 

Photo by Brian Rozman
Camryn cheerfully poses in front of her card wall. She’s rapidly—and happily—running out of space.

As someone with cognitive difficulties, and someone who is super active and loves spending time with her friends, breaking her routine in 2020 and having to stay home was especially hard for Camryn. 

A family friend, Kerry Delore, noticed that everyone needed a bit of cheering up this holiday season. Delore asked Camryn’s mother, Wendy Kivel, if it would be alright if she started a Facebook page dedicated to building a community to send Camryn Christmas Cards. Wendy said yes, and suddenly their mailbox was overflowing. 

“It’s really blown up,” Wendy Kivel said. “We have gotten things from Florida, Nevada, Utah, West Virginia, Nebraska, Alaska. It’s just amazing.” 

Camryn looks forward to greeting their mail carrier, Wes, outside to see how many cards she will receive. Every single card is organized and opened with care. Camryn even has received some small goodies in the cards like two-dollar bills and coloring pages. 

“The cards make me happier,” Camryn Kivel said. 

Both Kivel women keep everyone on the Facebook page updated by posting daily updates on how many cards Camryn receives. Most days, it’s close to a hundred. Even though the page was only made about a week ago, there are already more than 900 members, and it’s clear that everyone looks forward to seeing Camryn’s smile. The community that has rallied around her has been incredible. 

“It’s people who weren’t there for her before, because they didn’t know who Camryn Kivel was, who now are going to remember her, and I feel like they are going to be looking out for her,” Wendy Kivel said. 

If you are interested in sending Camryn a card, you can address them to 196 Elmwood, East China, MI 48054. If you’d like to join the Facebook group, it can be found here

Photo by Brian Rozman
Camryn Kivel poses in front of her Christmas card collection.

Editor’s note: Camryn Kivel is the sister of ‘Gander reporter Katelyn Kivel. Katelyn was not involved in the production of this piece.

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