The comedic rapper behind the viral hit “Big Gretch” talks 2020, comedy in rap, and new music to come.

DETROIT—There’s hardly anything that can be written about 2020 that hasn’t been said time and time again. The year brought literal biblical-level drama with natural disasters, death, government crises, and a global pandemic.

But one thing that no one saw coming—not even Michiganders—was “Big Gretch.” The song by Detroit rapper Gmac Cash, 27, vent viral on the heels of comedic rapper’s social commentary on the coronavirus. From then on, nothing would ever be the same.

From Saturday Night Live spoofs to presidential attacks, everyone was beginning to learn Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s name. But it was through Gmac Cash that Michiganders learned to put some respect on the Democratic governor’s name, and accept a little levity in these tough times.

The ‘Gander caught up with the Motor City writer and lyricist to discuss that iconic moment and his outlook for 2021.

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Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

THE ‘GANDER: We haven’t spoken really since you were able to get the Buffs to Gov. Whitmer this past summer. How is life treating you?

GMAC CASH: Life’s been good, everything’s been good. With music, it’s like, every time something political comes up, everybody’s looking for a song or looking for me to do something [creative]. So it’s been good.

TG: Talk about the impact of your “Big Gretch” song earlier this year. 

GC: It was definitely a big moment, especially coming off another big record. I did [my song and music video] “Coronavirus” first. 

At times, the political stuff is different though. You get a lot of political feedback, I should say. A lot of times I find myself having to put my phone down. I turned my phone off for a couple of hours just to enjoy life, but [the song’s impact] was beautiful. 

TG: Are you going to continue producing more comedic rap next year?

GC: Definitely. I’m always doing what I’m doing. With music, I try to promote what’s going on in the world instead of what everybody else is talking about. I try to separate myself from other rappers or other artists and I just do like what’s going on and relate more to people in life. 

TG: The pandemic probably makes planning difficult, but can you talk about anything coming next from you?

GC: I miss performing, but I just finished two CDs. Those will be coming soon. One is called “The King of Comedy Rap 2.”

The second one was, like, real hip hop. I have a lot of people who watched me grow up and they know how I started. I started rapping [without the comedy] originally. Then I moved over to the comedy or the parody music. People are still asking me, “can we get some regular music?” 

Both projects will be coming soon.

TG: I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but “Big Gretch” is co-chairing the inaugural committee. Do you have plans to go?

GC: [laughs] Only if they invite me.

TG: Fair enough. If you could sum up 2020 in a word or a phrase, what would you say?

GC: Anything’s possible.

Because of the pandemic, I haven’t been able to perform at all this year, but I still dropped probably three of my biggest records this year. 

Gmac Cash promises more is in store for him. Click here to check out his YouTube page and follow him on Instagram to keep up with his music and career.

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