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True or False: Warmer Michigan winters are positive for local agriculture.


Great job ‘Gander! You know to do: It’s time to brag.  

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#1. Which building in Michigan received a bomb threat Thursday morning?

#2. What is a way to help survivors of domestic violence or abuse?

Each of these is a way to help support survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

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#3. True or False: Warmer Michigan winters are positive for the local agriculture.

All things that feel good aren’t good for you.

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#4. Which group of Michigan business owners was left out of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)—and there's data to prove it?

Recently released data confirms that businesses owned by people of color were disproportionately left out of the PPP.

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#5. Who does state Rep. Jewell Jones hope to pass Inkster’s political baton to?

Rep. Jones is already actively involved with his district, especially area youth.

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#6. What action has Gov. Gretchen Whitmer taken to help protect survivors of domestic violence.

#7. True or False: Congress confirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

Really? We hope it’s comfortable under that rock where you’ve been hiding, ‘Gander…

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#8. What group of people could have stormed the US Capitol and received similar treatment as this week’s insurrectionists?

#9. Before resigning from her position as secretary of education, what action did Betsy DeVos take?

No, but it does seem like anything is possible these days, eh?

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#10. Invocation of which Constitutional Amendment could remove President Donald Trump from office?


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