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Who is the only openly gay member of the Michigan Legislature? Do you know?


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#1. Who is eligible to be vaccinated in Phase 1B of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s rollout plan?

You’re not even trying, are you?

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#2. How did Enbrige respond to the State of Michigan’s directive to cease Line 5 operations.

Enbridge is refusing to halt operations of the Line 5 pipeline.

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#3. TRUE or FALSE: Neither COVID vaccine has been tested in people.

Vaccines cannot be FDA approved without first going through human trials.

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#4. Who is the only openly gay member of the Michigan Legislature?

Nessel works in the executive branch; Kolb and Kozachenko are no longer in office.

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#5. For what reason(s) are Black Michiganders hesitant to take the COVID vaccine?

Each of these is a reason Black Michiganders have expressed hesitancy to take the COVID vaccine.

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#6. TRUE or FALSE: Lawmakers banned all firearms from the state Capitol.

Some legislators say the ban of open-carry firearms doesn’t go far enough.

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#7. How does Georgia’s blue flip affect Michigan?

#8. How long did Mariyha Farris remain in captivity?

Farris reports being abducted from her neighborhood and living as a captive in a sex trafficking ring for 3 years.

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#9. Which Michigan legislator’s chief of staff was recently questioned by the FBI?

#10. From where does Gov. Whitmer hope to purchase additional doses of the COVID vaccine?

Pfizer manufactures some of its COVID vaccines in its Kalamazoo plant.

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