He called her “bat-shit crazy” and she showed him just how far she could go. Take our Gov. Whitmer personality quiz and let us know how well you know Michigan’s leading lady.


#1. How did Gov. Whitmer share her feelings on Betsy Devos’ leadership?

#2. When a Republican leader called her “bat-shit crazy,” how did Gov. Whitmer respond?

#3. Why was Gov. Whitmer not interested in contending as VP alongside Biden?

#4. When SNL spoofed her, how did Gov. Whitmer react?

#5. How does Gov. Whitmer show that she is a proud Michigander?

#6. Which game days does Gov. Whitmer use to encourage Michiganders to vote?

#7. When her life was threatened in a kidnapping plot, how did she start her first speech afterwards?

#8. How has Gov. Whitmer shown gratitude when federal officials visited the Mitten?

#9. Gov. Whitmer has almost half as many Twitter followers as Shania Twain.

#10. Before becoming governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer caught the nation’s attention in a debate sharing which personal story?