Photo courtesy of Ronalee Polad.
Photo courtesy of Ronalee Polad.

A group of Michigan gardeners show Michiganders what life could like after being vaccinated.

LANSING, Mich.—The green-thumbed ‘Ganders of Lansing’s popular garden club have mostly been vaccinated, and they are ready to reunite with each other over their passion.

Ronalee Polad, the co-vice president of The Garden Club of Greater Lansing says that next month, her garden club will meet in person outdoors because the majority of the members have received the COVID-19 vaccine—but, they will be social-distancing and wearing masks. Something important to all of them (that will aid in ending this pandemic), she explained.  

“Everybody cares for everybody else, and it’s important to make sure that everybody is safe,” Polad told The ‘Gander. She said that some of the members have been friends for decades, so, “Everybody really wants to get together and meet.” 

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Due to the ongoing pandemic, the club won’t be meeting indoors until later this fall. However, plans are made to work on a sunken garden, learn phone flower photography, learn about native plants and herbs, and begin a myriad of activities that have been postponed while COVID-19 has ravaged the country and the state.

Growing their Reintroduction in the Community 

The gardening group that typically meets indoors at Grace Methodist Church in Lansing has been in existence since 1931. The gardening club usually hosts what they call the Corn Project where the club members deliver potting soil and corn seeds to students in 27 area schools that participate, but unfortunately the program that’s been running for 40 years was totally paused due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

In addition to starting the Corn Project back up, Polad and her fellow gardening club members are looking forward to also restarting their greens market. The members create wreaths, flags, and live arrangements with greens and sell them to raise funds at the market. 

“We’re getting all of our meetings lined up for the next year, and we really miss our greens market. We really missed not having that, last year, Polad explained. 

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“We really enjoy doing that. One of the highlights of the garden club is being able to work on the greens market. It’s just being able to get together and share our gardening. As you know we have the Facebook page and we have a website, but being able to get together is one of the best things.”

More and more Michiganders Are Reseeding Their Passions 

Women across the state are reuniting after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and are returning to their hobbies such as potlucking and volunteering in Michigan’s museums, with coronavirus precautions, of course. 

Residents of the Mitten can thank the vaccination campaign for having over 5.5 million COVID-19 vaccine doses delivered to Michiganders, as we try our best to swiftly return to what once was. As of this month, 22.5% of Michigan residents have been fully vaccinated, and the Mitten’s healthcare workers are working hard to administer thousands of more doses. 

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As Gov. Gretchen Whitmer recently encouraged Michiganders to abide by a new set of voluntary COVID-19 precautions, as the state’s coronavirus rates have spiked, the members of The Garden Club of Greater Lansing are taking precautions and hoping for a better future.