From classics like Whitney Houston to Ozzy Osbourne with our female empowerment from Beyonce and Alicia Keys, these jams embody just what we’ve seen in the last 100 days. 

MICHIGAN—It’s hard to believe it has been 100 days since the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Every president is measured up by the first 100 days in office, and how it will set the tone for the remainder of their term. In these 100 days there have been many accomplishments made for the country, and specifically, everyday Michigan families. 

To celebrate their first 100 days impacting our community, The ‘Gander made a playlist that describes exactly how we feel having a president and vice president giving us the support that matters most.

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Here’s what we are singing and dancing about:

  1. Student loan forgiveness tax-free until 2025 
  2. Launching largest summer food relief program in history 
  3. Extending unemployment benefits and related services 
  4. Expanding and modifying child tax credits
  5. Child tax is now fully refundable – low income families receive full credit benefit
  6. Pandemic-specific  Electronic Benefits Transfer (payments given to families with kids that received free lunches through school) 
  7. Scientific and research development plan 
  8. 7,000 miles of highway repair through infrastructure plan 
  9. Small business loan- providing support for entrepreneurs of color 
  10. National vaccination program- $20 billion on program partnerships 
  11. Historic investments in growing health care workforce – tripling community health roles 
  12. Protecting Vulnerable populations (elderly) vaccination program 
  13. Funding for Agriculture and Nutrition Programs 
  14. Funding for mental health and substance-use disorder services 
  15. Local passenger rail- $80 billion to restoring local infrastructure – 30 new rail lines 
  16. Confronting existential threat of climate change 
  17. Re-open k-8 schools 
  18. “Future proof” Broadband access – providing $100 billion
  19. Stimulus check relief – $1400  per person checks to households across america 
  20. First Female Vice President 
  21. Task Force on Union Worker and Empowerment Chaired by Kamala Harris