With universal preschool and childcare through the American Families Plan, Michigan families will see lasting opportunities, says one Michigan mom with two kids under two. 

DEXTER, Mich.—Both partners working, taking care of your children and yourself all while trying to pay for childcare—the tale of a modern family. 

For Leslie Goss and her husband, they understand the struggles and hardships that go into working full time jobs and putting the majority of that money to childcare and preparing for preschool. All while having two children under two, it raises difficult decisions of who will go back to part time or who will work late to help pay the bills. 

“I love my job and I worked hard to get where I am,” said Goss, “but I don’t want the pressure of feeling like I have to pick between the two.” 

Changing the Narrative

With the American Families Plan coming into effect, the Biden Administration is taking this form of action as reinvesting in the future of American economy and workers by providing universal preschool and childcare services. Part of the efforts being made for this new plan is to provide direct support to families to ensure that low-and middle-income families spend no more than seven percent of their income on childcare. Also, to ensure that the childcare the families do access are of high quality. 

Since there will be a cut back on childcare expenses, this means the Goss family can devote their time that they are at home to their children. “We won’t have to juggle schedules, work longer hours, or answer emails from home- we will have more time for family activities.” 

The American Families Plan is going beyond childcare and making this a once in a lifetime investment in our children and nation’s future, according to the press release from the White House. It is critical that children start kindergarten with the skills and support that set them up for success.

“One thing we hold so high is our children and their education, yet it’s the least funded and helped out system in the United States,” said Goss. 

No Child Is Being Left Behind 

Many children in the United States do not have access to the full range of high quality preschool programs to their more affluent peers. The change is being made with the American Families Plan, guaranteeing that all children beyond our surrounding communities will receive high quality education. 

Preschool is just around the corner for the Goss family and knowing that both of their children will have a strong educational foundation that will set them up for success in the future means the world to these parents. Both Leslie and her husband obtained their degrees and work hard to provide every opportunity they can for their kids, acknowledging how fortunate they were this past year to maintain their jobs, they know others were not as lucky. 

“It feels good knowing that all children will have the same opportunities regardless of their demographics, backgrounds or lifestyle,” said Goss “they can follow any dreams they may have.”