Photo by Franz Knight Photo by Franz Knight

Waterfalls, lakes, cliffs, natural springs, and miles and miles of wild coastline. Welcome to the Great Lakes State.

MICHIGAN — Michigan. The Great Lakes State.

Where roaring black rivers ribbon through tranquil pine forest rush toward cascading waterfalls showering dark stone. Sandstone cliffs, white sands, and teal water all meet at wild shoreline under an endlessly clear blue sky. A lone lighthouse, stalwart, watches as dusk turns over and the sun slips underneath a gently swaying horizon. 

These are the scenes that bring into view the heart of Michigan, captured from breathtaking aerial perspectives. Home to Torch Lake, Kitch-iti-kipi natural spring, over 200 waterfalls, 11,000 inland lakes, five full-blown national parks, 100 state parks, and so much more to discover, the Great Lakes State is studded with hidden gems. 

Did you know that from any point in the state of Michigan, you’re never more than 85 miles away from a Great Lake? That’s right, HOMES. Michigan boasts the longest freshwater coastline of any state in the U.S., and our Great Lakes contain ⅕ of the world’s freshwater surface. 

That’s something to think on while you sit back and enjoy these stunning views. How lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place, with such pristine resources in our own backyard. Bless up, ’Ganders. 🌊

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