We could all use some help making the most of the internet. These Michiganders offer a diversity of content: From inspiration to tips at home to good laughs.

MICHIGAN—Michiganders are not shy about sharing their love for the state. But as people, we all have a lot in common besides the geographic borders within which we live. We also share our traditions, heritage and ideas, from cooking, outdoor exploration, and traveling. All of it’s baked into our culture.

And there’s no better way to share in that community than by connecting with others. With that being said, here are Michigan’s 22 biggest influencers you should connect with for 2022.

Mid-Michigan Moms

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Follow for: Parenting advice, fun activities, community connection

Why we’re following: An engaging page curated with everything interesting under the sun, from group activities to at-home tips. Multiple authors give readers a unique perspective.

Brooke Labelle Cummings 

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Follow for: Creative activities, parenting, lifestyle, fashion 

Why we’re following: A lifestyle blogger and career professional whose account brings fashion tips and a good look inside the life of a Michigan mom. 

Ryan Velting

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Follow for: Photography

Why we’re following: Jaw-dropping photography that spells out “Pure Michigan” and takes you on journeys around the world. 

Jon Bailey

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Follow for: Coffee, beer, food ideas, reflection, art

Why we’re following: Can taste the brews through the screen, coffee or beer. Expertly photographed shots that go behind the scenes from a brewmaster.

Lauren Williams

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Follow for: Fitness, ice skating, yoga, meditation

Why we’re following: Life tips abound from this yogi, ice skater, and writer. An excellent timeline cleanser, with resources to put you at ease during a busy day.  

Jasmine Sumlin

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Follow for: Parenting, faith, inspiration, education

Why we’re following: A mom of several with another on the way sharing down-to-earth and honest reflections that ring true. A nice faith-based resource with a good variety.

Micalyn Lucas

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Follow for: Spirituality, healing, community, inspiration

Why we’re following: A true-to-self, charismatic account filled with thought-provoking reflections. Remains based in Detroit.  

Liz Braga

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Follow for: Travel, motherhood, fashion, advice

Why we’re following: A real-life look at motherhood in 2021 and beyond, with tips and tricks to navigate, as brought to you by “The Modern Mère.” 

Malak Choughari

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Follow for: Healthy eating, parenting, inspiration

Why we’re following: A #GentleParenting advocate with mindful reflections that always put kindness first and add perspective. Fun tidbits on the side, including small teachings in Arabic.

Micah Moss

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Follow for: Faith, marriage, motherhood, lifestyle 

Why we’re following: A faith-first person who’s open and honest about her journey through motherhood.

Lillian Elliott

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Follow for: Body positivity, creativity

Why we’re following: A Detroit creative with an eye for good shots and fun, bright content.




♬ Ms. Saxon – Augie Bello

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Follow for: Gaming, dancing

Why we’re following: An unbelievably talented dancer with unique moves and style who’s garnered nationwide attention.

Detroit Hoodstead

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Follow for: Lifestyle, homemaking, gardening, cooking, style, lifestyle

Why we’re following: Unique style and beautiful refurbishment of a stunning Victorian home. Home inspiration for days. 

James Rigato

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Follow for: Food, lifestyle

Why we’re following: A local chef proud of all that makes Michigan food special. 

Carolyn Manasseh 

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Follow for: Career, inspiration, nursing

Why we’re following: An inside look at what it’s like to be a nurse, moving up in her career and encouraging you to do the same.

Alice Klomp

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Follow for: Fitness, nutrition, fashion

Why we’re following: A local Michigander who made it big on Snapchat shares rock-solid workouts and regimens for getting your dream body.

Meg Foster

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Why we’re following: A Detroit blogger cranking out insightful, unfiltered musings and lifestyle content that injects a spark to your day. Mom of five kids and three dogs, so no shortage of good content.

Alexandra Beuter

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Follow for: Home decor, DIY projects, lifestyle, fashion, organization

Why we’re following: A friendly face locally bringing you cheat codes for life delivered in a simple, well-organized way. 

Corinne Burghardt

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Follow for: Cleaning, organization, motivation, family fun

Why we’re following: A mom who’s got it figured out, sharing tips and tricks for everyone that you’ll actually want to keep a note of.

Kim Huls

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Follow for: Teaching, education, lifestyle, crafts

Why we’re following: A second-grade teacher in the western mitten who shows how to keep kids engaged.

Jee Young

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Follow for: Lifestyle, parenting, activities, food

Why we’re following: Metro Detroit family woman who wants to take you on a journey. Fun content that’s personable, accessful, and useful.

TUCKER: The Golden Retriever  

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Follow for: Positivity, dog training, all-around adorability

Why we’re following: Day-brightening smiles from golden, flowing coats of cuteness.