Know Your Candidates: Michigan Matchups to Watch Ahead of the November General Election

By The 'Gander Staff

August 22, 2022

MICHIGAN—There’s a lot on the line in Michigan this year as voters prepare to head to the polls in November. As part of our mission to inform and empower voters, we’ve put together this handy list of the key matchups that you can bookmark as you make plans to vote on Nov. 8. 


Democrat Gretchen Whitmer vs. Republican Tudor Dixon

Attorney General

Democrat Dana Nessel vs. Republican Matthew DePerno

Secretary of State

Democrat Jocelyn Benson vs. Republican Kristina Karamo

US House

3rd District

Democrat Hillary Scholten vs. Republican John Gibbs

7th District

Democrat Elissa Slotkin vs. Republican Tom Barrett

8th District 

Democrat Dan Kildee vs. Republican Paul Junge

10th District

Democrat Carl Marlinga vs. Republican John James

Michigan Senate

4th District

Democrat Darrin Camilleri vs. Republican James Houston

9th District

Democrat Padma Kuppa vs. Republican Michael Webber

10th District

Democrat Paul Wojno vs. Republican Paul M. Smith

11th District

Democrat Veronica Klinefelt vs. Republican Michael McDonald

12th District

Democrat Kevin Hertel vs. Republican Pamela Hornberger

13th District

Democrat Rosemary Bayer vs. Republican Jason Rhines

14th District

Democrat Sue Shink vs. Republican Wendy Watters

17th District

Democrat Scott Starr vs. Republican Jonathan Lindsey

18th District

Democrat Kai De Graaf vs. Republican Thomas Albert

20th District 

Democrat Kimberly Gane vs. Republican Aric Nesbitt

21st District

Democrat Sarah Anthony vs. Republican Nkenge Robertson

22nd District

Democrat Jordan Genso vs. Republican Lana Theis

24th District 

Democrat Theresa Fougnie vs. Republican Ruth Johnson

25th District

Democrat Bert Van Dyke vs. Republican Dan Lauwers

28th District

Democrat Sam Singh vs. Republican Daylen Howard

US Taxpayer Party Candidate Theodore Canpain

Libertarian Candidate Alex Avery

30th District

Democrat David LaGrand vs. Republican Mark Huizenga

32nd District

Democrat Terry Sabo vs. Republican Jon Bumstead

33rd District

Democrat Mark Bignell vs. Republican Rick Outman

34th District

Democrat Christine Gerace vs. Republican Roger Hauck

35th District 

Democrat Kristen McDonald Rivet vs. Republican Annette Glenn

38th District

Democrat John Braamse vs. Republican Ed McBoom

Michigan House

20th District

Democrat Noah Arbit vs. Republican Albert Mansour

21st District

Democrat Kelly Breen vs. Republican David Staudt

22nd District

Democrat Matt Koleszar vs. Republican Cathryn Neracher 

27th District

Democrat Jaime Churches vs. Republican Bob Howey

28th District

Democrat Rob Kull vs. Republican Jamie Thompson

29th District

Democrat Alex Garza vs. Republican James DeSana

30th District

Democrat Suzanne Jennens vs. Republican William Bruck

31st District

Democrat Reggie Miller vs. Republican Dale Biniecki

38th District

Democrat Joey Andrews IV vs. Republican Kevin Whiteford

39th District 

Democrat Jared Polonowski vs. Republican Pauline Wendzel

40th District

Democrat Christine Morse vs. Republican Kelly Sackett

42nd District

Democrat Justin Mendoza vs. Republican Matt Hall

44th District

Democrat Jim Haadsma vs. Republican Dave Morgan

45th District

Democrat Ronald Hawkins vs. Republican Sarah Lightner

46th District

Democrat Maurice Imhoff vs. Republican Kathy Schmaltz

48th District

Democrat Jennifer Conlin vs. Republican Jason Woolford

54th District

Democrat Shadia Martini vs. Republican Donnie Steel 

55th District

Democrat Patricia Bernard vs. Republican Mark Tisdel 

56th District

Democrat Sharon MacDonell vs. Republican Mark Gunn

57th District

Democrat Aisha Farooqi vs. Republican Thomas Kuhn

58th District

Democrat Nate Shannon vs. Republican Michelle Smith

61st District

Democrat Denise Mentzer vs. Republican Mike Aiello

62nd District

Democrat Michael Brooks vs. Republican Alicia St. Germaine

63rd District

Democrat Kelly Noland vs. Republican Jay DeBoyer

67th District

Democrat Brian LaJoie vs. Republican Phil Green

68th District

Democrat Cheri Hardmon vs. Republican David Martin

71st District

Democrat Mark Zacharda vs. Republican Brian BeGole

73rd District

Democrat Julie Brixie vs. Republican Norman Shinkle

76th District

Democrat Angela Witwer vs. Republican Jeremy Whittum

80th District

Democrat Philip Skaggs vs. Republican Jeff Johnson

81st District

Democrat Rachel Hood vs. Republican Lynn Afendoulis

83rd District

Democrat John Fitzgerald vs. Republican Lisa DeKryger

84th District

Democrat Carol Glanville vs. Republican Mike Milanowski Jr.

88th District

Democrat Christine Baker vs. Republican Greg VanWoerkom

92nd District

Democrat Anthony Feig vs. Republican Jerry Neyer

93rd District

Democrat Jeffrey Lockwood vs. Republican Graham Filler

94th District 

Democrat Amos O’Neal vs. Republican James Shepler

96th District

Democrat Kim Coonan vs. Republican Timmy Beson

97th District

Democrat Paul Whitney vs. Republican Matthew Bierlein

102nd District

Democrat Brian Hosticka vs. Republican Curt VanderWall

103rd District

Democrat Betsy Coffia vs. Republican Jack O’Malley

109th District

Democrat Jenn Hill vs. Republican Melody Wagner

110th District

Democrat Casey VerBerkmoes vs. Republican Gregory Markkanen

State Board of Education (two open seats)

Democrats Pamela Pugh and Mitchell Robinson

Republicans Linda Lee Tarver and Tami Carlone

Libertarians Donna Gundle-Krieg and Bill Hall

US Taxpayers Party Candidate Ethan Hobson

Working Class Party Candidate Mary Ann Hering

State Supreme Court (two open seats)

Democrat Nominated Candidates Richard Bernstein and Kyra Harris Bolden 

Republican Nominated Candidates Brian Zahra and Paul Hudson

Nonpartisan Candidate Kerry Lee Morgan


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