Halloween Is Almost Here: 6 Michigan Attractions That Will Get Your Heart Racing

Erebus in Pontiac is one of the largest haunted houses in Michigan. (Photo via Facebook)

By Amber Ogden

October 25, 2022

For the Michiganders who love a frighteningly good time, make sure you get your tickets soon. 

MICHIGAN—With only a few days left in October, big box stores are already putting their Christmas decorations out onto shelves. Too soon, some might say. 

That’s why we wanted to make sure you have the chance to get into the Halloween spirit before it’s too late. For the Michiganders who truly love a good fright, here are six haunted attractions across the state that aim to scare you senseless. If you dare enter these premises, keep in mind that there’s likely to be a long wait—especially if you don’t purchase your tickets in advance.

Erebus Haunted House (Pontiac) 

Photo via Facebook

From 2005 to 2009, Erebus held the Guinness World Record for the longest walk-through haunted attraction in the world. The frightful experience includes four floors and 100,000 square feet of nonstop scares—and yes, it’s very possible things will touch (or bite) you as you navigate the attraction. 

While the haunted house is not recommended for children under 13, there is a matinee version without actors on Saturday and Sunday afternoons that promise plenty of “fun without fear.” 

Erebus’ last day open is Nov. 5. Get tickets here.

Niles Scream Park (Niles)

Niles Scream Park offers 44 haunted acres of a screaming good time. The haunted house has at least 100 possible paths, so no visit is the same scare-venture. There’s also the Haunted Duplex, the Field of Screams, the Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride, and more. The website notes: “This attraction is geared to scare high school through young adults. If we can scare Notre Dame football players, we can scare you.” So, be sure to look forward to blood-curdling screams and hairs standing on end.

One last cool thing to know? The park is staffed by volunteers from area nonprofits, which will receive a donation based on the number of hours they work.

Niles Scream Park’s last day open is Nov. 5. Buy tickets here.

The Edson Incident (Bay City)

Haunted houses are always a scare, but what about a haunted ship? Only in Michigan!

Photo via Facebook

Located in Bay City is the staged and decommissioned USS Edson. Once upon a time, this was a real-life Navy Destroyer from the Vietnam war era. This ship fired more shells than any other destroyer during its time. And if that doesn’t scare you, maybe this will: During “Blackout Weekend” on Oct. 30, those who dare will be given a single glow stick and set loose to attempt to navigate the eerily dark ship. 

The Edson Incident’s last day open is Oct. 30. Buy tickets here.

Wiard’s Orchards Night Terrors Haunted Thrill Park (Ypsilanti)

Photo via Facebook

By day, Wiard’s is a great place to bring the little ones for apple- and pumpkin-picking. By night, however, the ghouls come out to play. Night Terrors offers several attractions intended to get your heart racing. A hayride takes you through a haunted forest, and perhaps a wrong way into a barn with ghosts and chainsaws. The Asylum, The Mindshaft, and the Alien Caged Clowns in 3D speak for themselves. 

Night Terrors’ last day open is Oct. 31. Buy tickets here.

Terrorfied Forest (Pinckney)

All kinds of sounds and creatures lie in the darkness waiting for you in the Terrorfied Forest. Here you’ll navigate a creepy path for just under a mile, surely contemplating your life decisions. During this walk—or light run, whatever suits you best—you may attract monsters. The good news is there is a monster repellent available at the ticket booth. Let us know if it actually works. 

Terrorfied Forest’s last day open is Oct. 30. Buy tickets here.

Scarefest Scream Park in Lenox Township 

Photo via Facebook

Located in metro Detroit, the Scarefest Scream Park offers four, scream-inducing attractions—including a mile-long hayride that captures the attention of the undead, and the Castle of The Dead, an 8,000-square-foot walkthrough haunted castle where a gatekeeper safely leads you through the court. Or does he lead you to your doom? Either way, there’s food and a beer tent available for purchase afterward.

Scarefest Scream Park’s last day open this season is Oct. 30. Buy tickets here.


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